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Online Estate Sales

Check out the benefits of online estate sales.

Whether you're holding an estate sale or shopping at one of our online sales, we take care of all the details so your experience is easy!

For Seller

For the Seller



Everything is done virtually, so our sales get much more exposure than a traditional estate sale which means more people looking and bidding on your items.

Online sales with scheduled pick-up times solve potential parking issues on busy roadways or high residential areas.  No damage to your property, and no inconvenience to you or your neighbors.

There's much less foot traffic going through your home, lessening the chance of getting your carpets or floor dirty or ruined.

We coordinate everything, including a broom clean of your home.

For Buyer

You get to check out the sale items online in the comfort of your own home.  We call it 'pajama shopping' and it has really taken off, especially since COVID.

Our Preview feature allows you to check out the entire sale ahead of time so you have a better chance of winning your items.

Our quick In/Out Pick-up saves you time, especially if you purchase multiple items.

For the Buyer




Can I list my yard sale with you?


Before you even start thinking about a sale, CALL US FIRST! You could have some real treasures on your hands and not even know it.  The market fluctuates all the time and what was once not worth much could now be a hot seller. We prefer to handle your whole estate from beginning to end, not after the most valuable items have already been sold or removed (cherry picked).

We can usually sell your items for much more than you could get at a yard sale or through a private dealer.  As an added bonus, we do all the clean-up and take all unsold items off your hands.



How do you market my sale?


If you're selling individual pieces, we first notify our private collectors to see if they are interested in any of your items.

If we are coordinating your sale, we design all print and electronic ads to send to our mailing list which contains over 2,000 names throughout Vermont and New England.  Depending on how much lead time we are given, we start generating interest a month or so prior to the sale. Then a week before the actual sale date, we blanket social media with email blasts leading up to the sale.

What are my items worth?


The market fluctuates constantly so there are

many factors that work together to determine

the value of your items.  We will provide you with

an estimate of what we think you can make on your

individual items or on your estate sale.



How do I get started?


Call us for a free valuation.  We can handle either your estate sale or finding buyers for certain pieces of your estate.  CONTACT US.

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